What our customers say!

Focusing on our customers and achieving the greatest possible benefit for them are very important to us. But don't just take our word for it. Hear what some of our customers say…

We are very happy with the prompt deliveries, the outstanding quality of HOBAS Products and the on-site support.”

Frederic Sega, SADE, Ecuador

We are proud that Vidin is the first project in Bulgaria that has been implemented with non-circular HOBAS Pipes. Stanilov gladly recommends HOBAS NC Line to other cities. We thank HOBAS for the competent assistance through all stages of the project.”

Plamen Kostov, Stanilov, Bulgaria

We were very comfortable with the product as we had used HOBAS before and had a good relationship with the company.”

Brenden Tippets, BT Construction, USA

HOBAS Pipes have a high stiffness, which is important for installations at great depths or in groundwater. Thanks to its corrosion and abrasion resistance and long lifetime, the HOBAS GRP Penstock proved to be the best solution from an economic and operational point of view.”

Duosch Felix, Caprez Ingenieure AG, Switzerland

I was pleasantly surprised with HOBAS’ superb GRP pipes, the outstanding sales and post-sales service, and the professional team. HOBAS is truly a top-notch global company.  Thank you for making it happen for us at Peña Flor!”

Juan Cordon, Private customer, Guatemala

We are happy about the proposed technical solution and the professional cooperation with HOBAS. The decision to rehabilitate the sewer with HOBAS NC Line Profiles has been the right one.”

Walter Bergmann, EBW Entwässerungsbetrieb der Stadt Würzburg, Germany

Thanks to HOBAS, we managed an impressive microtunneling performance of 44.5 m per day with Europe’s largest microtunneling head, including one curved jacking section. HOBAS is a trustworthy supplier of high-quality products."

Jerzy Żyła, Inżynieria Rzeszów, Poland

HOBAS is not only a pipe supplier, but a team of engineers and technicians committed to provide solutions from the start to the successful completion of the project.”

Côme Forzy, Montaron / Bouygues Group, France

Our company has been installing HOBAS Pipe for over 20 years. The high quality product is easy to install and the support from sales and field service is exceptional.”

Janie Rodriguez, Oscar Renda Contracting, Inc., USA

We are very satisfied. We already purchased a big number of HOBAS Pipes up to DN 2400. They add up to quite a few kilometers and a time span of 25 years.”

Adolf Zotter, Zotter Bau GmbH, Austria

With HOBAS, we have a solid and competent business partner by our side. For more than a decade, we have been working closely together in several national and international projects of variable sizes. We rely on the high quality of HOBAS Products as well as the professionalism and expertise of the entire team with whom we collaborate to find optimal solutions for our construction projects. With HOBAS, we have a partner who shares our high quality standards in the interest of our clients 100 %."

Ulf Michel, Managing Director Michel Bau, Germany

This project proved quite tricky regarding pipe installation. HOBAS however once again proved that apart from high quality pipes, there are also first-class consultants who accompany you through the complete project."

Boris Karadenchev, Vice Mayor of Varna, Bulgaria

Now I’m convinced to use HOBAS Pipes more often. They are easy and safe to install and the precision even on slopes is incredible. At first I was skeptical because of the relatively thin wall of HOBAS Pipes but they proved to be much stronger even than other pipe materials during jacking."

Mr. Tangamani, Tactic Engineering Pte. Ltd., Singapore

We expected to have more challenges than we actually had. HOBAS CC-GRP Pipes made the job easier than we anticipated and the delivery was quick and on time as promised. We would definitely recommend this product for future projects."

Jeff Peyerk, Tyger Excavating, USA

Many thanks to the entire HOBAS Team for their professional support, especially during the planning stage and installation. We can warmly recommend HOBAS to every power plant constructor."

Otto and Verena Wild, Eléctrica San Miguel SpA, Chile

The project was a huge success and the McAllen-Miller Airport received the repaired line a week ahead of schedule. We are confident that the success of the project keyed upon using HOBAS Products. We were very satisfied with the product and the HOBAS Support Team."

Hugh Weaver, HNTB, USA

We received the last delivery for this project today and I would like to thank HOBAS. The great professional support even exceeded my expectations. Congratulations!"

Calin Dobrea, S.C. CALA S.A., Romania

It took a long time for us to find a pipe that suits our requirements. We needed a jacking pipe that would also withstand the operating pressure of the line. After a long research period we chose HOBAS CC-GRP Jacking Pipes since these inherently possess the characteristics necessary for jacking as well as for pressure pipes: mechanical strength and optimal hydraulic properties. Normally, two different pipe systems would have been utilized to match all requirements."

Nicola Meneghini, Mantovani SpA, Italy

We have done many large projects using other products, concrete pipes and ceramic pipes. And the reason we are using HOBAS more now is, we just found it is a lot more efficient in terms of handling, in terms of installation, and we have found that it has led to a better outcome in terms of project delivery and safety.
We believe that the products we are using from HOBAS being carbon-neutral gives us an advantage in our environmental credentials and also strengthening our relationships with the water boards which are seeking better standards in the carbon impact of their projects."

Joseph Caligiuri, Califam Constructions Pty Ltd. Australia

The installation was mostly direct bury with several tunneling installations of HOBAS Pipes through steel casings. On both occasions the pipe installed well and had no problems with visible deflection and joint leakage. Allied Construction’s experience with the installation of HOBAS Pipe, on both occasions, was very positive from the pre-sales point through the shipping, installation and technical support areas. In our view, HOBAS Pipe has some very positive advantages over many of the other pipes of similar types."

Bart LaMont, Allied Construction and Development, USA

Works were accomplished more easily thanks to the simple handling and jointing of HOBAS Pipes. Working on highways without disrupting the traffic is always a challenge. The HOBAS Solution required less heavy equipment, and turned the usually complex storage and handling into easy installation."

Norbert Cheminot, DLE EIFFAGE TP, France

We wanted to find a high quality product. HOBAS offered us a factory visit in Wietersdorf, we got to know the production and the different testing procedures and could thereby convince ourselves personally of the products’ quality. The incredibly smooth inner liner impressed us right away – you won’t find anything similar from other pipe producers. Our power station has now been in operation for a few months and we can already confirm the excellent hydraulics and the low friction loss: The energy output exceeds our expectations."

David Glanzer, NockEnergie Glanzer GmbH, Austria

We chose HOBAS Pipe due to its flexibility and durability in this ground (wet clays through to rock). We have just completed the project very successfully including about 700 m of DN 1000 HOBAS Pipe, which was tunneled at a depth up to about 9 to 10 meters and installed at a progress rate of about 15 meters per day.
The client, which is Queensland Urban Utilities, is very happy and we are looking forward to doing some more projects with the HOBAS Pipe in those conditions."

Brett Everard, Rob Carr Pty Ltd, Australia

Despite the tight deadline set by the general contractor we managed to perform the task on time thanks to the close collaboration with HOBAS. Tackling this tough challenge together with a partner like this was a good decision."

Robert Ziernicki, AHIS S.A. Poland

We were presented with different possibilities: starting with wood, through concrete to GRP. In the end we opted for glass fiber reinforced plastics pipes by the company HOBAS. These are easy to handle and present an economic solution."

Gebhard Senn, TIWAG-Tiroler Wasserkraft AG, Austria 

It really is a good pipe. We’ve had people come by and look at the project, and they are all happy."

Butch Lane, JML Trucking and Excavating, USA

The GRP Pipe System from HOBAS presented a functional solution. We could install almost the complete line without fittings. The required radii were achieved with angular deflections in the joints and with angular cut pipe ends produced at the HOBAS Factory. HOBAS Experts supported us during the complete planning phase."

Christoph Aste, AAE-EntwicklungsGmbH, Austria

These pipes will be here long after we’re gone. They’re estimated to last up to 100 years."

Tom Stockel, Macomb County Drain Commission, USA