HOBAS Pipe Systems for the Air Treatment Industry

HOBAS Pipes can be tailored to the challenging chemical conditions in the paper and plastics industry, where carbon dioxide is used. The pipes are easy to handle and install and there are many possibilities to connect them to other materials.

Another application for which HOBAS Industrial Pipelines are an ideal solution is the thermal treatment of lean gas consisting of air, water vapor, volatile organic compounds, SO2, and SO3, which are released during the paper production process. HOBAS Pipes can withstand the low pH values and high temperatures of the gas and are, thanks to a special resin, also UV-resistant – an important feature, since most pipelines run outside the factory building.

Scope of Supply
Nominal Diameter [DN] 150 - 3600 mm
Nominal Pressure [PN] 1 - 32 bar
Temperature range up to 80° C (higher temperatures on request)
Pipe Systems Pipes, Joints, Fittings