HOBAS Manholes

HOBAS Manholes create a complete uncompromising system of the highest quality and meet the requirements of a wide variety of applications. They are used for example for inspection, maintenance, ventilation, changing the flow rate, pumping stations, well chambers, etc.


HOBAS Manholes are entirely made of GRP material. Seamless and corrosion resistant both on the inside and outside, they consist of a HOBAS Pipe with an integrated GRP channel.

Scope of Supply  
Nominal Diameter [DN] 150 - 3600 mm
Products - Standard Manholes
- Tangential Manholes
- Customized Manholes
- Inspection Entrance
- Pump Shafts, Well Chambers, Sewer Overflows, etc
- Accessories: Ladder, Fittings, Cover, Berm, etc.

Special Features

  • Low weight
  • Seamless
  • Quick and easy installation, short construction time
  • Complete corrosion resistance inside and outside
  • Good hydraulic properties
  • Connections to other materials possible without any problems
  • Delivery as complete components, reduction of construction site risk, factory quality
  • No protective coatings or sealing work required
  • Complex structures can be supplied
  • Pump shafts, well chambers, sewer overflows, etc. available


HOBAS Tangential Manhole

HOBAS Tangential Manholes are used to enable cost-effective access to pipes of large nominal diameters. An additional benefit is that these manholes can be supplied completely assembled including a bend. To prevent excessive loads on the laminates and therefore deflection at the joints between the actual manhole and pipe, these manholes have to be encased in concrete. In particular cases this safety measure can be dispensed with if in agreement with the service and the installation conditions.