Jobs & Career


What would ideas be without the opportunity to present them? What would achievements be without recognition? What would talent be without encouragement?

Day-to-day business life is often dominated by the hectic pace and pressure to perform with competition becoming stiffer in all areas. It is therefore all the more important for our employees to take personal responsibility every day and improve the benefits for our customers with innovative solutions.


Human Resources

Where ideas can develop freely and managers create space for unconventional ways of thinking, that is where innovations are produced. Where potential is recognized, appreciated and nurtured, that is where the basis is created for the outstanding achievements that our customers demand. To meet these high standards, HOBAS attaches great importance to the development of employees. We identify and nurture individual strengths in people – with the aim of motivating them and giving them opportunities for personal development by employing their skills and knowledge in the organization. Our employees know that with commitment and dedication they have excellent career prospects in an international company – after all, 90 percent of our managerial staff come from our own ranks.



We set great value on clear communication. In fact, we see treating each other with honesty and respect as well as committing to our values as the basis for teamwork. In order to strengthen the trust in the company, regular meetings are held where employees learn more from the management about the current situation in various areas of the organization, strategic matters and plans for the future. During employee reviews, superiors discuss their performance with them and together they chart the course for their ‘personal’ future in the company. Our goal is to encourage everyone to see the big picture, give all HOBAS Employees the best possible basis for their day-to-day work and thus continuously increase the benefits for customers with our products and services. Safe working conditions in production, state-of-the-art equipment and clearly structured processes are a matter of course for us. We work together with employees to constantly improve their work environment, as only healthy employees will be motivated to perform at a high level.


No Rest for the Best

Our environment is changing rapidly – we constantly have to analyze customers' current demands and anticipate their future ones to remain competitive. The HOBAS Academy is an in-house training and development center offering custom courses and workshops where internal and external experts broaden employees' perspectives and deepen their specialist knowledge. Whether technical subjects, soft skills or languages, every employee is welcome to take part in the courses.