HOBAS Production & Technology

Title Length Description Language Link
Company Profile 11 min Image video of the HOBAS Group English Play
Production 8 min Production Process of HOBAS GRP Pipe Systems English Play
HOBAS TechCenter 7 min HOBAS Testing Procedures English Play
Quality for Generations 4 min Durability of HOBAS Pipes English Play
TechCenter Opening 3 min Opening of the new HOBAS R&D Center in Austria German Play

HOBAS Jacking Special

Title Length Description Language Link
HOBAS Jacking 10 min Overview about HOBAS Jacking Activities and Experience English Play
Jacking (Animation) 2 min Pipe Jacking Process with HOBAS GRP Pipes English Play
Czajka - World record jacking in Warsaw 2009 2 min Project "Czajka" in Warsaw, Poland English Play
Venice - Jacking in marine application 2009 2 min Project "Fusina" in Italy English Play
Dubai - HOBAS Jacking Pipes Premiere 2013 4.30 min Project "Nad Al Sheba 4 Sewage & Drainage" in Dubai, UAE English Play
XXL HOBAS Pipes Jacked in Gdańsk 3 min Installation of HOBAS Pipes De 3600 under a railway track in Gdánsk, Poland English Play

HOBAS Products & Services

Title Length Description Language Link
Hydropower Pipelines 4 min Successful HOBAS Hydropower Projects English Play
Manhole renovation 10 min Manhole Renovation with HOBAS Pipe Systems English Play
Shaft-in-Shaft Manholes 10 min Manhole Renovation with a HOBAS One Piece Liner English Play
Potable Water Tanks 11 min Installation of HOBAS Potable Water Tanks German Play
Industrial Pipe Systems 8 min Overview about HOBAS Industrial Pipe Systems English
HOBAS NC Line System 12 min HOBAS NC Line System for a Relief Sewer in Switzerland German Play
Product Range 13 min Overview about HOBAS Scope of Supply English Play