HOBAS Video Library

Title Length Description Language Link
Company Profile 11 min Image video about HOBAS Group English Play
Product Range 13 min Overview about HOBAS Scope of Supply English Play
Production 8 min Production Process of HOBAS GRP Pipe Systems English Play
HOBAS TechCenter 7 min HOBAS Testing Procedures English Play
Quality for Generations 4 min Durability of HOBAS Pipes English Play
TechCenter Opening 3 min Opening of the new HOBAS R&D Center in Austria German Play

HOBAS Jacking Special

Title Length Description Language Link
HOBAS Jacking 10 min Overview about HOBAS Jacking Activities and Experience English Play
Jacking (Animation) 2 min Pipe Jacking Process with HOBAS GRP Pipes English Play
Czajka - World record jacking in Warsaw 2009 2 min Project "Czajka" in Warsaw, Poland English Play
Venice - Jacking in marine application 2009 2 min Project "Fusina" in Italy English Play
Dubai - HOBAS Jacking Pipes Premiere 2013 4.30 min Project "Nad Al Sheba 4 Sewage & Drainage" in Dubai, UAE English Play
XXL HOBAS Pipes Jacked in Gdańsk 3 min Installation of HOBAS Pipes De 3600 under a railway track in Gdánsk, Poland English Play

HOBAS Products & Services

Title Length Description Language Link
Hydropower Pipelines 4 min Successful HOBAS Hydropower Projects English Play
Manhole renovation 10 min Manhole Renovation with HOBAS Pipe Systems English Play
Shaft-in-Shaft Manholes 10 min Manhole Renovation with a HOBAS One Piece Liner English Play
Potable Water Tanks 11 min Installation of HOBAS Potable Water Tanks German Play
Industrial Pipe Systems 8 min Overview about HOBAS Industrial Pipe Systems English
HOBAS NC Line System 12 min HOBAS NC Line System for a Relief Sewer in Switzerland German Play