HOBAS News 2017


HOBAS EDwin - With HOBAS Education, You Win!

HOBAS EDwin is the online training program of the HOBAS Group. With EDwin, you get HOBAS Knowledge delivered straight to your inbox.[more]


Born To Perform: HOBAS Launches New Generation of GRP Pipes

When the going gets tough, HOBAS Pipes get going: With a brand-new product line, featuring a particularly durable inner protective layer, HOBAS now provides a top-notch solution for challenging projects that require a product...[more]


Direct Jacking with HOBAS Pipes in the City of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada

Old habits die hard, they say. Unless the new approach is unconditionally convincing, we say.[more]


Welcome to 2017 everybody!

We are so curious and excited about what this newborn year will have in store for us. Quite a few big plans and projects are already on our list. Are you ready? Let's set out together for the future![more]