Hobas GRP pipe systems around the world, around the clock

Hobas GRP pipe systems are used in many applications. They can be found in the transmission of drinking water, in sewage applications and irrigation, in hydropower plants as well as in trenchless applications like microtunneling and relining.

Microtunneling Hobas GRP Pipes Poland


Trenchless applications:
The perfect option for 24-hour-cities to install without disruption


With their high strength, light weight, smooth inner and outer surface, the Hobas GRP jacking pipes are perfectly suited for trenchless applications like microtunneling and relining.

wastewater pipes Czajka Poland, construction plant by night


Sewer and stormwater systems that will never corrode


Hobas GRP sewer pipe systems have a custom-tailored pipe structure design and are highly resistant to corrosive substances and therefore ideal for piping municipal wastewater.

potable water tank Pitomaca, Croatia


Potable water:
Safe supply of clean drinking water for generations


Hobas GRP potable water pipe systems are innovative products that challenge traditional materials with their outstanding characteristics and extremely long lifetime.

hydropower pipeline Sri Lanka


Power production with less emissions and more output


The very smooth inner surface of Hobas GRP hydropower penstocks guarantees a low head loss, maximum energy output and constant hydraulic characteristics.

irrigation pipeline


Irrigation and raw water:
A bigger crop with less water, whatever the weather


Hobas GRP irrigation pipes allow for controlled low-maintenance water distribution and decisively reduce the costs throughout the system’s lifecycle.

Hobas PU line Switzerland


Hobas PU line:
The best pipe by far. Even for the toughest conditions.


Our high impact and extreme wear resistant GRP pipes are equipped with an exceptionally durable inner protective layer and are customized for each project individually.