Hobas stormwater sewer 3000 mm in Berg-en-Dal

12 Jun

Stormwater retention with Hobas pipes in hilly Netherlands

A new 1000 m³ storage sewer was built of Hobas pipes DN 2200 and 3000 for the Dutch village of Berg en Dal.

The Netherlands is well-known for its flat terrain. However, in the eastern part of The Netherlands lies a beautiful village called Berg en Dal (Mountain and Valley), which, as the name suggests, is surrounded by a hilly environment. The village’s combined sewer system is connected to the sewer system of the neighboring city Nijmegen. During periods of heavy rainfall, Berg en Dal regularly suffered tremendous floodings due to the system’s insufficient capacity. Therefore, the two cities together decided to renovate the sewer.

In September 2018, Amiblu Netherlands was commissioned with the design of a new 154 m long storage sewer that should replace the old concrete sewer. The new GRP sewer is built of Hobas pipes DN 2200 and DN 3000 and will have a total capacity of almost 1000 m3. GRP was the only suitable choice for the application – no other material could compete with respect to the light weight, availability, sustainability, corrosion resistance, and quick and easy installation despite the narrow surroundings. The project is currently under construction and will be handed over to the city of Berg en Dal end of 2018.



Berg en Dal



DN 2200 – DN 3000

Antea Group Nederland

Pannekoek GWW B.V.

Gemeente Berg en Dal

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